6 most common dog health problems

Most of us love dogs because they are just as a family member. They are loyal, faithful and good friends of us even in hard times. That’s why the dog is the only animal which has been with humans for a very long time. Every person who owns a dog wants to keep his dog healthy and strong. For this purpose, they should take care of a lot of things. It includes diet, their habits and their outside activities regarding their environment. However, most of the dogs can face some common health issues and body disorders. These health issues must be detected by the owner to treat them. So, if you have a dog and you want to keep it healthy, you will have to pay attention to its health. On the other side, you must know some common health issues that appear in dogs. This will not only give you some information about dogs’ health issues, but it will help you to treat your ill dog quickly. Here are six most common dog health problems.

1)    Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common health problems in dogs. It is a joint problem which can make your dog’s joints weak and injured. It can cause some serious inflammations in the joints. Mostly, this health issue occurs due to the weak bones and joints of the dog. If you are not giving proper diet to your dog, it could cause some health problems and arthritis is one of them. On the opposite hand, if your dog is old and senior, he could face arthritis in his joints. This is because of the arthritis joints issue appears in the dogs which are growing old. But if your dog had an accident or had some serious injuries in the past, he could suffer from arthritis. If you suspect your dog suffering from arthritis, you can easily cure it. Simply take your dog to a health expert and he will give you the recommendations.

2)    Thyroid Hormone Deficiency

It is another common issue in dogs nowadays. In this body disorder, there is a lack of some essential glands and hormones in the body. These hormones are essential for the proper growth of dogs, and if these are not growing well, your dog could be suffered from growth and other metabolism problems. The thyroid gland in the body produces some hormones like T3 and T4 but in Thyroid Hormone Deficiency, the body doesn’t produce the necessary amount of this hormone. This results in inactivity, dry skin, overall dullness and hair loss. If you find any of these body disorders in your dogs, you should consult with your pet doctor. These could be due to the Thyroid Hormone Deficiency in your dog. You should also keep in mind that the deficiency of this hormone can affect the immune system of the dog. So be quick in the treatment when you find these issues.

3)    Dental issues

Dental diseases are most common in dogs, and you can detect them by seeing the plaque in your dog’s mouth. These diseases come from different external sources. You can also experience bad breath of your dog and it shows that your dog is probably having some dental issues. The worst thing about such dental issues is if you don’t take right action on time, they will cause some serious body disorders. For example, if your dog is possessing a dental issue, the bacteria could enter in your dog’s metabolism system. Eventually, it would cause some blood or skin issues to your dog. Keeping all these factors in your mind, make sure to give your dog a proper mouth checkup every single month.

4)    Wobbler Syndrome

Wobbler Syndrome is another common disease in dogs. It is a spinal cord problem which occurs in the bony malformation period. If your dog has a strange walk style or if he is acting strange regarding his neck, he may have Wobbler Syndrome. The disease Wobbler Syndrome refers to wobbly walk style. This is because of in the Wobbler Syndrome disease, mostly the neck area is affected, and the dog’s gait is abnormal in it. You can check other symptoms of this disease like neck stiffness, problems in walking, muscle loss around shoulders and difficult stand up from the lying position. All these symptoms refer that your dog is having Wobbler Syndrome. If you don’t give your dog the right treatment, he may suffer from some serious neck or spinal cord injuries. This disease starts from a

very basic level in which the dog suffers from a simple neck pain. however, it could result in a complete neck paralysis.

5)    Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is a disease in which the joints and muscles of hips become weak. The hips are developed during the development period of dogs and it is based on the genetic properties and external factors. However, if there are some deficiencies during the development period, your dog could suffer from Hip Dysplasia. In this issue, your dog becomes weak at first. Then he starts losing the control on his hips muscles and joints. Eventually, if you don’t treat the disorder, your dog would lose control of his back body which is really a serious issue. So, if you find your dog with the symptoms like less activity and muscle loss around hips, consult a pet doctor.

6)    Entropion

In the Entropion disease, the eyelid of the dog becomes folded to the inner side. It causes a lot of problems like irritation to eyes and scratches on the eye surfaces. This issue appears in the dogs due to some genetic problems. However, if you take great care of your dog and give him a proper treatment, he could be saved from this disease. The most well-known symptoms of this disease are excessive tears and redness in eyes.  The eyes of your dogs are extremely affected in this disease. So, if you find these symptoms in your dog, don’t wait for a minute and give your dog a treatment.


The friendship of human and dog is unbreakable. The only essential factor is to take care of one another for a faithful relationship. You have to more careful about your dog. Have a check on his habits and examine his body on weekly basis to avoid health problems. It is necessary for your dog’s proper health and long life.

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