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Everyone who has any pet always tries to take great care of the pet. Pets have much importance in our life and they play a significant role to make our mood happier and satisfied. So, if you also have a pet especially a dog, you should be ready to accompany him with you everywhere. You need to consider important things about his health, food and care from environment effects. Among other such things, food is most important as compared to other ones. You have to provide the best food to your dog. It will grow his body structure, give him power for daily activities and provide him overall amazing life.

When we mainly think about what kind of foods are needed for the dog, multiple options may come into mind. There are many kinds of dog food which are essential and different food products with brands name are also available in the market. Additionally, the food for dogs can be changed at their different ages. The food can also be classified as puppy food, junior food, adult food and senior food items. In this article we are providing you complete dog food guide, so have a look at following types of dog food with their full details.

Dry foods

Dry foods are manufactured for the dog on a large scale and are available in each market. These foods are natural to maintain for a long duration and can easily be ready to serve your dog. You can get dry food and can bake or air drying the food to make it ready to eat.

Raw foods

Raw foods are manufactured by various companies and can store in freezer units. These raw foods can be already fully prepared and only need to heat to be eaten by your dog. Also, such raw food may be at the beginning stage of baking manufacturing so you can add custom items to it according to your dog priorities. So, most pet owners always go with the raw type food. It is because such food type is easy to handle and prepare.

Fresh foods

Fresh dog pet food has their own importance and can be considered as the favorite food type of owners of dogs. This fresh food can be anything which are directly presented to the dog without any freezing or boiling process. Fresh foods for dogs can also include many human foods which can easily be eaten by dogs. Such human foods are also suitable for dogs and can provide them necessary energy for routine activities. Notably, the fresh foods are made of chicken antioxidant-rich fruits which are eatable for most species of dog pets.

Wet foods

Wet food type is an expensive food type which is important and has its own values for your dog. Such kind of foods always comes in tins, big cans and air tied containers. Wet foods contain a large amount of water and other essential liquids so need to eat as soon as possible by your dog. These food types are also much expensive so always purchase it according to the desire of your dog.

Different foods eatable and uneatable for dog

There are unlimited food items which can easily be fed to dogs without any worry. On the other hand, many food products should never provide to any dog. In below we are describing both aspects to inform you.

Eatable foods for dogs

  • Apples are eatable for almost all kinds of dogs. Apples are rich in pectin which is important for dog’s better health.
  • Chicken is the best and lovely food for many dogs. Chicken is a healthy nourishment for dog and can be presented in different forms to a dog.
  • Cheese is also a pleasant food for dogs and has powerful effects on the health. The cheese should be used in less quantity to avoid any unpleasant condition.
  • Carrots are also considered as a right choice for dogs. These are rich in fiber and Vitamin A which is very important for dog walking and running activities.
  • There is no other thing which can be compared with eggs when we talk about the best dog food. Eggs are full of protein, selenium and riboflavin which have no side effects on your dog’s health. You can give as more eggs to your dog as you want on a daily basis.
  • Sweet potatoes are also servable to dogs as their food. Potatoes include vitamin A and fibers. You can feed potatoes in baked, steamed nudges forms to your dog.

•  Banana is a fantastic fruit for your dog. It is easily available and provides your dog enough vitamin C, minerals and potassium.                            Consider   offering 1 to 2 bananas to your dog on daily basis.

  • Cranberries are also blessed food for dogs which are useful in lowering the Ph of urine of dogs. Additionally, these have minerals, antioxidants, vitamins B2, A, B1, and C for proper growth of your dog.

Uneatable foods for dogs

  • Grapes should never feed to the dogs. It is because grapes contain toxic compounds which are not suitable for dog’s body composition. These can make your dog dull, weak and uninterested in regular activities.
  • Chocolate is also a food type which should never present to dog for eating. After eating the chocolate, your dog can vomit or can be a victim of dehydration. So, always keep chocolates away from your dogs.
  • Macadamia Nuts are also not for dogs to eat. Due to these nuts, your dog can weaken and can do in depression.
  • Although onions are most useable vegetable but it is not comfortable for dog’s health. It quickly harms the red blood cells of your dog and decreases the amount of oxygen in his body. So, as a useful dog food guide try to avoid everything to give your dog which is consists of onions.
  • Raw yeast is also not for dog. It can be a cause of death for your dog when consuming on large proportions. Therefore, it is advised to maintain every type and form of yeast away from your dog.

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