Healthy food for your Monkey

Monkey is attention catching and amazing animal which has his own fun. Having a monkey in the home can be the right decision when you are looking for huge fun on a daily basis. You don’t need to think any more about choosing any particular pet as the monkey is the right choice for you in all regards. You can play, teach and have charming activities with your monkey exactly according to your wish. Thus, we can say that if you have a monkey in the home and enjoying with him then you should know about his necessities especially food. There are many foods which you can feed your monkey. You must be aware when going to choose any particular food for your monkey as this can affect your health. So, to give you the clear idea about your monkey pet food, we are here with complete details. You can read following food details for your pet monkey.

• Vinegar

Vinegar is a food item which you can feed your monkey to boast his health. In vinegar, there are many ingredients which are responsible to kills harmful bacteria in body of the monkey. It also helps to relieve the stomach pain of your monkey. It means you need to provide vinegar to your monkey in right quantity after balanced time frame. Vinegar will help like a food and also like a medicine for your monkey.

• Bananas

Bananas are considered as the best food for monkeys. It has been observed that monkey love to eat bananas more and more. Bananas are very rich in potassium and other necessary requirements for your monkey. You can give 5 to 12 bananas to your monkey at a same time. Bananas will not only refresh his mood but also increase the love between you and your monkey.

• Brown rice

Brown rice is another pet food for your monkey. Monkeys love to taste new foods as they are independent animals in nature. If you own a monkey in your home, you should confirm that your monkey is happy with you and enjoying everything which can taste in open nature surroundings. Brown rice is tasty and monkeys always love to eat them. These also have a very much positive impact on your monkey’s health.

• Fish

Fish is another item which you can surely feed your pet monkey. Many times researchers have seen that monkeys tend to eat fish. Fish is very rich in all diet portions which are enough for the growth of monkey. It has a special effect on his brain and muscles development. One thing you need to know that not every monkey is comfortable with fish eating. It means if you observe that your monkey does not like fish then you never try to feed him fish. You can surely choose any other meet as the alternative of fish for your monkey pet.

• Honey and yogurt

Honey and yogurt are right items to dress any of food for your monkey. By this, our mean is to provide honey or yogurt to your monkey with any of other food item. It will give him exciting taste to enjoy and also increase the efficiency of healthy ingredients in the stomach of the monkey. Additionally, you can feed something new to your monkey which your monkey dislikes but you can dress that item in yogurt.

• Grapes

Another important thing which you can easily arrange for your monkey is grapes. Grapes are tasty food which is loved by everyone. Your monkey surely loves to eat grapes in every breakfast. Grapes are very useful and give proper health to your monkey. There are several types of grapes and you need to choose any type according to the specific priorities and species of your monkey.

• Lentils

If you are looking for monkey diet which you can easily arrange at your home then no other thing can take place lentils. Lentils come in different categories and you can feed your monkey. There is no possibility of any danger for your monkey. According to the age of monkey, you can arrange several packs of lentils in the bowl and give it to your monkey to eat it.

• Mealworms

Mealworms are the type of insects which you can feed your monkey on regular basis. The monkey has powerful digestion system which can digest mealworms and these give him necessary energy. You can give only a few insects to your monkey which is a right way to eat. There are dozens of types of mealworms and you can select anyone after judging your monkey nature and taste preferences.

• Dates

Dates are also in the list of your monkey’s food. Dates are relatively small fruit but can provide more energy to your monkey. The sweetness of the dates is much appreciated by monkeys and they usually love to eat dates especially in the form of mixture with other fruits. You must arrange dates in your home and enjoy the dates with your monkey.

• Sweet corn

Sweet corn is the best thing which can give refreshment, taste, enjoyment, and health to your monkey. You can feed corn in form of different dishes and food to your monkey. Monkeys love to eat sweet corn as you need to arrange it for them. You just have to take care of the quality and quantity of the sweet corn when feeding to your monkey pet.


As a summary, we can say that every pet is important for his owner. If you have a monkey in your home then you must take great care of his food and other desires. There are different foods for your monkey which you can feed your monkey. You should make a proper plan and feed all type of foods to your monkey on different days. It will give the new taste to your monkey pets and they will never bore by eating the same type of food again and again.

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