Rottweiler Dogs

This article is going to introduce about very significant and attractive topic. Now a day’s when we talking about dogs, Rottweiler dogs are extensively famous among the world. Especially in Sri Lanka, the young generation addicts to evolve Rottweiler dogs rapidly. So we suppose to provide details of the Rottweiler dogs through this article.



According to the ancient scientist, Rottweiler dogs have a long history. In ancient time roman military advents to German with some kind of dogs. They believed that Rottweiler dogs’ origin from them. First intimation of Rottweiler was found from ‘rot wile’ town in German. Because of that reason they were called as ‘Rottweiler’. Butchers in ‘rot wile’ town in German looked after Rottweiler dogs to protect their wallets. Wallets were tough around the dog’s neck. After few years they were used for controlling battle of cow, pulling carts. Especially they were become very famous in 1st world war. Because they had to do military tasks, communication, guard the military camps. In 1931 Rottweiler dogs were registered by American AKC organization. According to a research, In 2013 Rottweiler dogs were introduced as 9th famous kind of dog in the world.


Rottweiler dogs are very large. According to international factors, Height of Male Rottweiler dog is 24-27 inch and weight is 50kg-60kg.Height of female Rottweiler dog is 22-25 inch and weight is 35kg-48kg.


They have only one is just like dark black or light brown clour.whole body is black and chest, cheek, neck and under the legs are brown coloring. In addition to that two brown dots are below their eyes.


Very important topic is traits of Rottweiler dogs. Rottweiler dogs are not like other dogs. If you think to bring up a Rottweiler dog definitely you want a good practice. Because Rottweiler dogs are very strong and without any practicing you can’t control them. If you have a good experience to control a dog, sure you have a best pet in your place. Rottweiler dogs are brave and calm. They have an ability to understand about something well. In addition to that they love their family very well and never give up protecting their family from troubles. You should remember, they don’t like unknown persons. So when someone comes from the outdoor, Rottweiler dog tries to attack with them. Attack may be very harmful. So in that situation you want a good experience and practice to handle the dog.Additionaly keep in your mind Rottweiler dogs want a freedom. So don’t tight them whole least don’t place them in a dog cage. Give freedom to live with the family members.



We can introduce Rottweiler dogs as very strong and powerful. Because, usually they are not to going to suffer from diseases. But, sometimes they are suffered from heart attack, blood sugar and so on. Because of that reason they want exercises per day. It is very important and necessary thing. On the other hand disease which calls as parvo effects to Rottweiler dogs. It effects to Rottweiler dogs than other dogs. But you can prevent it If you bring up a Rottweiler dog You should inject parvo injection on due date. So you should very careful when buy a Rottweiler dog and when inject the parvo injection.

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