Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

For long times, dogs are considered the best friends of humans. They are friendly, loyal and love to do anything for their owners. Moreover, dogs have been used for self-protection and other working purposes. Dogs are also used in army and police forces. It means dogs are an essential part of our lives and we take a lot of benefits from them. There are hundreds of dogs’ breeds in the world, and all of them carry some specific characteristics and abilities. All of them are used in different fields as mentioned above. The dogs used for protection and guidance are mostly aggressive and dangerous. They will not compromise on the safety and security of their owners. Mostly, these dogs very well know how to attack on command, and they can bring a lot of harm to the intruder.

When it comes to dogs, almost every dog breed can cause harm and damage to some extent, but there are some particular breeds of dogs which are used only for attacking and defending purposes. These races are more popular in demand as compared to other breeds. The reason is these dogs are widely used for self-protection and in army or police forces. These dogs are aggressive by nature. Additionally, these dogs are specially trained how to work in some particular conditions. They know how to attack on command, how to recognize the enemy and how to be aggressive to humans. Besides aggressiveness, these dog breeds are very faithful and loyal to their owners. If you are looking for such dangerous dog breed, we will help you today. We are here to tell you the top 10 most dangerous dog breeds in the world. Have a look at the list mentioned below to find the best dog according to your requirements.


Boxers are developed in Germany and known as most dangerous hunting dogs. The best thing about boxers is they r extremely trainable. You can train them for different conditions and different situations. They are very powerful as they have a strong jaw with fantastic bite force. Whether you want a hunting dog or you are looking for a protection dog, the boxer is perfect for you. Another good thing about boxers is they are very aggressive and harmful. They can quickly attack on command. So if you want an aggressive and dangerous dog, you can consider boxer

American Pit Bull Terrier

Pit Bull Terrier is one of the most dangerous and aggressive dogs in the world. It is not allowed to take part in games and shown as it is found to be very aggressive against humans. It is aggressive to humans more than any other animal or dog breed. Due to its aggressiveness, it is used for high protection purposes. It is mostly found in America, and you cannot easily find it in other countries. The human aggression is its quality, and it can easily kill any type of enemy. Sometimes, these dogs become aggressive even against their owners. So if you are thinking about a Pit Bull Terrier, make sure you dominate it.

Tosa Inu

Tosa Inu is a Japanese fighting and guard dog. It was bred in Japan for fighting purposes. Later on, it was used for other jobs like self-protection and attack on command. Tosa is not a common breed. You will have to search a lot if you want to have a Tosa Inu dog. It is aggressive and extremely unfriendly to its enemies. These dogs are powerful and strong due to their height. Tosa Inu is restricted in some countries, but you can still find it for fighting and protection purposes.

Great Dane

Great Dane is another domestic dog breed. You can easily find this dog in your region. The best thing about a Great Dane is its height. These dogs are giant sized which is a plus point while it comes to protection and fighting. These dogs can be very aggressive against their enemies. You can train these dogs to fight in particular situations. You can also train them how to attack on command. By using their height and weight, they can fight with any type of enemy. So think about a Great Dane if you want these qualities in a dog breed.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd is one of the most popular fighting and protection dogs in the world. Almost every person well knows about German Shepherds. These dogs are used from personal level to army and police level. It is a medium to large size working dog which can be used for high protection purposes. These dogs are sharp, strong and very intelligent. German Shepherd is also considered the most intelligent dog in the world. It is due to its abilities to fight against its enemies and working well with its owners.

American Bandogge

Bandogge dog breed was originated in England. This dog breed is very popular and common due to its fighting skills. When it comes to fighting skills and aggression, American Bandogge comes after Pit Bull Terrier. American Bandogge dogs are very aggressive when they are commanded to attack. They have a strong bite force which can defeat any enemy. American Bandogge has a very muscular look which tells its enemies to stay away. So if you are looking for a perfect fighting dog, American Bandogge must be your top priority. You can also easily find it in your region.


Rottweiler is another aggressive and robust breed of dog. It is found in medium and large heights. Rottweiler can be very aggressive and harmful to its enemies. You can train these dogs to fight in any type of situation. An amazing part of Rottweilers is these are very obedient to their owners. These dogs have a very strong body with fast running speed. They can easily defeat any enemy in from of them. You can use Rottweiler dogs for both protection and guardian purposes. So this domestic dog breed is best for you if you are looking for an aggressive to enemies but polite to owner dog.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky is a working dog mostly bred and found in north-eastern Siberia. It is a medium size dog breed which can be used for different purposes. They are very trainable, and you can train them to fight against their enemies or for protection purposes. These dogs are aggressive by nature, but you can turn them into an offensive beast by just giving them some training. These dogs are considered the most intelligent dog in the world as well as the most hardworking dog. You can also train them to be very calm and polite with humans. It means Siberian Husky breed can be used for multi purposes.


Dobermann is a German originated medium-sized domestic dog which is used for different types of purposes. By nature, these dogs are friendly and polite. Additionally, Dobermann breed is very faithful to its owners. However, if you want an aggressive dog, you can easily train them to be aggressive. You can also train them how to fight and how to attack on command. These dogs are very intelligent dogs, and you can get a lot of work from them. Get a Dobermann and teach him to be aggressive against enemies. That’s all you want.


It is a South African dog which is commonly known for its muscular body. These dogs were basically bred for guarding purposes like guarding a home etc. Later on, these dogs were used for fighting purposes. These are very loyal dogs and can do anything for their owners. Boerboel breed can be trained for self-defense. These dogs are also very good in attack on command techniques. You can take some other type of works from them too.

How to train a dog to attack on command?

First of all, you will have to select a dog that you want to train. As mentioned above, there are hundreds of different dog breeds. Some of the most dangerous and aggressive breeds are discussed above. If you want to have a protection or guidance dog, select a dog breed from the list stated above. After selecting a dog breed, you will have to train it. Keep in mind that you can train your dog whatever you want. You can either prepare him to be very aggressive against humans or to be friendly with people. This totally depends on you. However, there are some specific dog breeds which are aggressive by nature. You will have to take care a bit more for those dogs. Now if you own the strongest dog how to train a dog to attack on command training must be your top priority. Here are some simple steps to doing this job.

1)    Decide what type of training do you want to give your dog. It includes a guard dog, attack dog or a fighting dog. Every training type has some different strategies involved. So make sure you select your training type carefully.

2)    Now spend some time with your dog. This step is very useful as it does two things. The first thing is it will develop a strong relationship with you and your dog. The second thing is it will help your dog developing a strong personality.

3)    Keep in mind that you will have to give your dog some space. Training too much and expecting too much from your dog can be harmful to both of you.

4)    Socialize your dog and start teaching him some simple commands like when to bark and when to stop. This will tell your dog that you are going to train him. Always start from basic command and keep forwarding.

How to train a pit bull puppy to be aggressive?

The pit bull is a very common dog breed, and almost every person well knows about it. These dogs are used in different fields. The greatest aspect about pit bulls is you can easily train them, and they can learn a lot from you. They are very faithful to their owner so stop being afraid of your dog especially if you have a pit bull. Now the question is how to train a pit bull dog. Well, we are here to assist you. We will tell you a complete process of how you can do this job. The whole process includes some steps which you will have to follow to train your dog. Pit bull puppies are more trainable as compared to the young pit bulls. When it comes to pit bull dogs, we have two categories. You can train them either to be very aggressive or to be very polite with people. If you are looking for how to train a pit bull puppy to be aggressive, let’s have a look below.

  • Initially, learn how to maintain a strong relationship with your dog. It will take time, but eventually, you will make a strong relation with your dog.
  • Now socialize your dog. Experts tell us that this step is most important one if you are going to make your dog aggressive. Introduce your friends and family members to your dog. Also, introduce other people and different animals to him and let him know about the outside world.
  • Train your dog in three steps. First, give him some simple training like teaching him some commands. Secondly, give him intermediate training, and in the last, you will have to give him advanced training. These steps will let him learn a lot from your teachings.
  • Familiarize your dog with your friends and family members and all other people that are close to you. This will set limits to your dog, and he will know who is the enemy and who is the friend.


Dogs are amazing creatures. They love to live with humans, and we take a lot of work from them. If you are a dog lover and you like aggressive and dangerous dogs, have a look at the dog breeds mentioned above. Select one dog, train him and develop an outstanding relationship with your dog. That’s all you were looking for.


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